Summer 2023 Newsletter

Hazelnut cultivar called Photon

What is in this newsletter?

  • We had a deep late freeze and then a drought. Will the trees be okay?

  • We are expanding our hazelnut cultivars again to be your one stop shop.

  • NYTCA Cooperative is setting up shop for outreach and nut processing.

  • If you need tree replacements or new trees our summer potted sale is on.

Our trees froze back and are now brown, so are they going to recover?

We don’t know what you experienced but on May 18th, we went down to 24 F. degrees.  Almost all of our Persian Walnuts, our peaches, our cherries, some of our heartnuts, all of our chestnuts and some of our black walnuts were burnt back to the stem.  Would we get any fruit or nuts from our trees?  Our hazelnuts didn’t seem to notice, but our walnuts (all of them) were burned back to some degree.  Walnuts like hazelnuts put on their flowers the year before and if the flowers are frozen when exposed, they can die.  Chestnuts on the other hand put on flowers in the spring.  Therefore, we lost most walnuts this year, no hardy hazelnuts and may have a reduced production of chestnuts.  Like all trees that have to start over and regrow, they lose a fair amount of energy when have to start over.  We see chestnut catkins emerging and can’t wait to see female flowers showing soon. 

 The more mature trees will restart, the very young trees just getting established could be hurt significantly and when combined with a severe dry period even die.  This was a bad year for newly planted trees of all types, but a good year for breeding nurseries to select the cold hardy offspring that can provide the cold hardy genetics to further improve nut trees going forward.  For example, we had Persian (English) walnut rejects we didn’t sell because they were too small.  There was about 45 of them and about 18 of them were not affected by the 24 F freeze at all.  Their siblings were burnt back to the stem.  So overly small trees we considered too small to send to customers had genetics to withstand the rare deep freeze and continue growing.  The extra cold hardy genetics are now being planted in our breeding orchard, hoping they are good producers with good disease resistance.

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We are adding even more cultivars to our product line.

 This summer and fall we will be adding Somerset and Hunterdon to our hazelnut cultivar line up from the good folks at Rutgers University.  This is in addition to or current offerings of The Beast, Grand Traverse, Raritan, NITKA, Truxton, Geneva and soon Photon.  We now have them all in limited quantities for sale on our web site currently.  Weare working hard to expand production and introduce new cultivars either through tissue culture or layering.

To view Photon’s characteristics please go to our blog page at  

Finger Lakes Abundant two year old trees are not available during the summer sale but will be available in the fall.  With all the cultivars we are selling we still sell seedlings.  Why? With our varied springs in the Northeast(actually everywhere) and getting more extreme, we see seedlings as pollination insurance with the chance to find the next super star hazelnut tree for genetic diversity. We purposely held back an amount of Finger Lakes Abundant trees to help satisfy the request for older seedling trees to help match pollen needs, but only sell them in bare root as they are bulky. 

New York Tree Crops Alliance Cooperative is actively outfitting a nut processing center in the Finger Lakes Region.

 Using two grants the NYTCA Coop. is building a new nut processing facility for outreach to show and teach hazelnut, chestnut and hickory nut processing to enable permaculture orchards.  Without a sales outlet for nut tree-based permaculture, what are growers to do with their nuts? This sounds a bit like a punch line, but the average consumer doesn’t like to crack out the nut meat from the shell or has the ability to squeeze oil from nuts.  NYTCA Coop. has a newly outfitted space for five years with a manager and equipment to show case nut processing, to grow a nut-based industry where chestnuts and hazelnuts are native. 

You can see more as we post our developments at

Plant until you can’t.

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