Photon Hazel Layer(cultivar) US-PP34790-P2- Spring - Bare root

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Photon Plant Patent US-PP34790-P2 is the first patented hazelnut for the colder regions of hazelnuts native range.  

Once we see what layers produced roots we will list inventory this spring.

We have been awarded the first patent for a cold hardy hazelnut for the native regions of hazelnuts in the United States. A cold hardy hybrid of American and European with tasty nuts. It is a smaller semi-dwarf tree that doesn’t like to sucker.
The husks are equal to or shorter than the nut. No signs of Eastern Filbert blight to date. Produces nuts no matter what nature throws at it, as it produced nuts in years when most all hazelnut trees in the orchard didn’t or had hardly any nuts.
The nut is round and is sought after by the rodents in the orchard before it is ripe. We understand as we also believe it to be one of the better eating nuts we have grown and we have grown over 10,000 trees to maturity. When freshly cracked open the pellicle is transparent and nearly absent, so we thought Photon was the proper name for the tree.
Sadly, we also have killed many thousands of trees and replanted to find the best trees to propagate for your back yard or commercial orchards to fill our fallow hillsides.  We have more potential cultivar releases we are watching but Photon is the first. 

Photon key characteristics:

  • USDA Zone # 4 hardy, try in 3b?
  • Kernel Percent 44-48%
  • Short husk Thin/Avg. shells and round kernels
  • Tree form
  • Very Hardy catkins
  • Heavy Pollen Producer
  • Very Hardy flowers
  • 20 years no EFB
  • Ripe 2nd/3rd week of Sept. in Cortland NY
  • Alleles are 9 and 12  With 12 being the dominate allele.

  As Photon doesn't sucker we have to first graft and then layer the tree.  The effort is very labor intensive but well worth it.  This will be the process until we have it in tissue culture.

Reminder a "cultivar" is a clone of the parent tree and performs just like the parent as it is the one and same genetics.  Whereas, "seedlings" are just like children, it inherits traits from both parents and what traits are expressed we learn as it matures.

We ship mid-April to early June dormant and bare root.    We cannot ship to the west coast states. We ship to Canada for very large orders only.

Need a minimum of two trees for cross pollination. 

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