The Hazelnut and Chestnut Handbook

Growing Hazelnuts and Chestnuts is easy once you know how!

All you need to know to grow Hazelnuts and Chestnuts from 2 to 20,00 trees.

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    • We have been receiving questions on growing Hazelnuts and Chestnuts for 30 years. We have compiled all the information needed to successfully grow hazelnuts and chestnuts in one handy reference.
    • Fully illustrated.
    • We won't insult your intelligence or bore you with the scientific details.
    • We will tell you what you need to know!
    • We give you hyperlinks if you decide you need more information.

     A book review from Dr. Thomas Molnar, who heads the breeding program at Rutgers University and has hazelnut cultivar releases from Rutgers University and The Hybrid Hazelnut Consortium states,

    "Another resource we’d like to point out is the very useful and practical ...  You’ll find it to be an excellent how-to guide written from the Zarnowski’s decades of experience growing and propagating hazelnuts and chestnuts on their farm in New York.  A must have for your nut tree growing library!"

    Thank you, Dr. Molnar!

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