Leave A Legacy and Possibly Earn A Royalty

You can name and possibly earn a royalty with your tree.
If you have an amazing Hazelnut, Chestnut, Carpathian walnut, or heartnut that is hardy, disease resistant in USDA zone 5, produces great nuts with consistent high year to year yield and would like to name and possibly earn a percent royalty for actual sales please let us know.  You must know something about the tree history and know that it is not already patented or derived from a patented tree.
You will be requested to name it and have your tree bestow many yards and possibly orchards for generations to come.
Most of us don’t fully appreciate the value of a superior tree when it is in our yard and they keep dropping nuts that bring in animals.  It is possible for a plant variety to bring in 4 to 5 figure incomes per year. If your named tree sells well, you can too, just for allowing us to propagate it and sell it. Granted 4 figure income is one weeks unemployment benefits during this Covid pandemic, however, it's the legacy we are talking about.

Also, many people are happy knowing that having named a tree and the legacy it will provide for future generations is often reward enough.
We know the many thousands of trees that we have planted is nothing compared to all the nut trees that are planted intentionally and unintentionally by nature and that there are many gems waiting to be appreciated by the many.
Please contact us at info@znutty.com with a full description, location, history and why it is a superior tree worth propagating.