Our FALL SALE has started!

Terms and Conditions

SHIPPING: Based upon the trees ordered and the size of the pots needed, we will add shipping to the invoice we send you. Generally you can assume about 15% for shipping on top of the total tree costs (less for larger orders).  An estimate was added by Shopify we do not add any extra cost for handling.
We cannot ship to states where quarantines exist ( all states on the West Coast) and we cannot ship outside the United States at this time. If we are shipping to a business please remit a tax exempt form to us first or Shopify will add taxes as required.

Warranty: We will replace trees, except tissue cultured trees, if you give proper care according to planting instructions,within one year of shipment.  We will ask to document and/or return items for us to improve quality and understand the issue for replacement within one year.  Replacements will ship when available and the proper time of year. For Tissue culture trees we warrant that they will arrive in good health.

If you have any questions please email or call.  We want you to happy and returning customers that last as long as our trees. 

Email: dawnz@znutty.com or call: 607 310 1318.