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About Z’s Nutty Ridge Nursery 

It all began when Dawn Zarnowski bought the hill top property in 1991’ and early 1993’ Dawn and Jeff moved to the property.  We were struck by the beauty and at the same time realized how much of the farm land in the region had gone fallow.  This beautiful natural resource was being wasted and the quest was on to find a sustainable crop for the hillsides.  Many hundreds of various walnut and chestnut trees were planted and thousands of hazelnuts as well.  This is what you call a very serious hobby and effort for over 25 years in growing and hybridizing trees.  This research effort is in parallel with other hobbyists and professionals that belong to the Northern Nut Grower Association (NNGA) that grow and hybridize nut trees.  The hybridization efforts have furthered previous efforts of others that have been hybridizing hazels since 1921’. This hobby turned professional in 2013’ with the sales of seedling nuts and nuts for consumption.
Dawn had been producing hydroponic lettuce for four years on our hill top overlooking a valley 700’ feet below us in Cortland county New York.  The existing greenhouse is currently heated with renewable wood and the water is captured by rain gutters from the barn, and greenhouse.  The water is then filtered, and stored in an underground cistern.  The farm is situated on a hill top with power being provided by a 10KW wind mill.  During the late fall and early spring periods, highly efficient LED lighting is used that emits only the needed wavelengths absorbed by the lettuce leaves.  We are unaware of a more sustainable efficient Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) hydroponic system that we have put in place.
 We will continually strive to deliver a quality product and support our customers so we both succeed. Please keep in mind we want only happy customers and we will strive to do our part but you must also take care of the trees once they arrive.  Our Information sheets will grow over time and are mainly an overview of the topic that will direct you to better information as well as the Tree FAQs and Reference sheet.  Please follow the planting instructions and if you have any questions please call or email. 
You are not alone.  We are here to help you.