Grand Traverse Hazelnut Cultivar - 1 year old, bare root - Fall Ship

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This cultivar is being re-introduced thanks to the efforts of the Hybrid Hazelnut Research Consortium. Originally named by Cecil Farris back in 1989’ and said it was “his gift to growers”. It is EFB resistant and cold hardy in USDA zone 5.

It is a fairly large nut at 1.3 grams with 40% to nearly 50% kernel with an average of 11lbs per tree in Nebraska! It is believed to be 25% Turkish tree hazel and 75% European. It has S-alleles 11 and 25 and both expressed in the pollen. It blooms mid-season in New Jersey and ripens in September in New Jersey.  The nuts are round to slightly flattened with a somewhat pointed end.  The pellicle comes clean from the nut when roasted.

Why is it being re-introduced? Propagators of the cultivar mixed up plant material and shipped trees labeled Grand Traverse but were not.  Those trees produced nice nuts but would then succumb to EFB and Grand Traverse lost favor. Thanks to the efforts of the Consortium original material was grown and tested against EFB and it was found to be EFB resistant. 

Trees are tissue cultured and can range from 5" to 20" tall Please follow planting instructionsPlease see our Blog page on cultivar information to learn more Here.

 For orchard design please see the latest version of the "The Hazelnut and Chestnut Handbook" by Jeff and Dawn Zarnowski. Also, Dr. Molnars winter newsletter here.

We ship mid-October to early November, dormant and bare root. 

  We cannot ship to the west coast states.  We cannot ship to Canada for small orders.

Reminder a "cultivar" is a clone of the parent tree and performs just like the parent as it is the one and same genetics.  Whereas, "seedlings" are just like children, it inherits traits from both parents and what traits are expressed we learn as it matures.

Plants with a patent or a PPAF (Plant Patent Applied For) asexual reproduction is prohibited.

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