NITKA Hazel Layer(cultivar) - The best hazelnut for cold hardy regions of North America. Limit 3 trees per household.

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We will add inventory once we dig them up in the spring!

NITKA is our trademarked name for what we believe will be the most planted tree on the East Coast colder regions! NITKA is a medium sized nut. NITKA is extremely hardy in USDA zone 4a, without any catkin or bud die back noted after 25+ years in leaf.  NITKA has shown no signs of Eastern Filbert Blight (EFB) to date and therefore is very resistant if not immune. Very thin shell for a high kernel to shell ration of 52 to 55%. We doubt you can find a better tree.

NITKA has S-alleles 5, 17 making it a universal pollen donor for all known cultivars that will grow with the needed blight resistance for the east half of North America. Also, it will receive pollen from any cultivars for our region as well!

 Help us make the native range of hazelnuts the leading production region for North America.

Read about the Horticultural Characteristics Here.  Please read our blog page to learn more about seedlings and our cultivars that we sell.

These are layered 2023' suckers from the mother trees.

 For orchard design please see the latest version of the "The Hazelnut and Chestnut Handbook" by Jeff and Dawn Zarnowski. Also, Dr. Molnars winter newsletter here.

We ship mid-April to early June dormant and bare root.   We cannot ship to the west coast states.  We cannot ship to Canada for small orders.

Reminder a "cultivar" is a clone of the parent tree and performs just like the parent as it is the one and same genetics.  Whereas, "seedlings" are just like children, it inherits traits from both parents and what traits are expressed we learn as it matures.

Plants with a patent or a PPAF (Plant Patent Applied For) asexual reproduction is prohibited.

For tax exempt orders please email with the desired quantity and your ship too address.  We give discounts for quantity orders.    Pricing already includes Royalty cost.