Chestnut Missouri HARC LWS 2 yr. old seedlings - Bare Root- Fall Ship

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Missouri HARC chestnut grove is considered one of the best sources of hybrid chestnuts, as their grove of chestnuts contains some of the best chestnuts cultivars grafted orchard at the University of Missouri (MU) Horticulture & Agroforestry Research Center (HARC).

We have seedling trees from three of the best mother trees.  We have seedlings of Luvalls Monster, Willamette and Sleeping Giant. We have the seedlings separated in out orchard and will try to ship you your requested tree or our choice if you do not select.

Seedlings of the following mother trees have the following characteristics:

Willamette' - Has a large nut with (18 - 22 nuts/lb) Believed to have originated from a Dunstan Chinese/ American hybrids. 

Sleeping Giant – Has large nuts up to 11 nuts per pound.  It is a complex hybrid of Dentata/crenata/mollissima hybrid.

Luvall’s Monster - An early dropping large nut.  With 13 to 25 nuts per pound. Mother tree is pollen sterile. Believed to be an American and Japanese cross.

Trees are 18" to over 40" when shipped as they are now 2 years old! 
When mature at 25 years they generally are about 25 to 35 feet tall and 25 feet wide, with a round form as shown. Some seedlings can be much taller.
Chestnuts often start producing nuts in year 4 or 5.

Trees were started in March in our greenhouse and then planted in the field for further growth. 
You can eat fresh or make your own gluten free deliciously sweet flour.  The nuts fall free to the ground.  All you have to do is pick them up.

Please see our web pages on chestnuts to learn more or buy our book here.

We ship Mid-October to Mid-November.   We cannot ship to the west coast states.  We cannot ship to Canada for small orders.

Reminder a "cultivar" is a clone of the parent tree and performs just like the parent as it is the one and same genetics.  Whereas, "seedlings" are just like children, it inherits traits from both parents and what traits are expressed we learn as it matures.

For tax exempt orders please email with the desired quantity and your ship too address.  We give discounts for quantity orders. 

You need two trees for pollination. Cannot ship to the west coast or where chestnut gall wasp's quarantines exist. We do not have chestnut gall wasps on our farm.

We will do our best to make you happy as we state on our Terms and Conditions page.