Tissue Cultured Colossal Chestnut Trees for sale for the first time ever.

Tissue Cultured Chestnuts now available from Z's Nutty Ridge Nursery!

Colossal Chestnut trees now available on a limited basis.

We believe we are the first to offer tissue cultured chestnut trees for sale.

We have invested heavily in time, energy and cost to bring the best varieties of chestnut trees to you.


Why Plant Tissue Cultured Chestnuts over seedlings or grafted trees?


  1. By planting tissue cultured trees you know you are getting 100% identical genetics of the parent tree and not have to wait ten years to find out if the seedling of the parent is any good.

  2. If you plant more than one tissue cultured tree of the same variety, you will get uniform ripening.

  3. Tissue culture trees maintain the maturity of the parent tree and want to produce nuts the very first year after planting.

  4. Tissue cultured chestnuts eliminate the catastrophic graft union failures that could occur in year 1 or in year 25.


Colossal is the first named variety we have to offer. We hope to have more varieties available soon. You need another tree nearby to have pollen available to cross pollinate. At Z's Nutty Ridge we endeavored to propagate tissue cultured chestnuts to solve the above unpredictable problems with chestnuts grafts and seedlings.


Colossal chestnut is a hybrid of Castanea sativa (European chestnut) and Castanea crenata (Japanese chestnut). This is the main tree currently grown for commercial production. f and it is the reference that all other orchard chestnut trees are judged by. It is very cold hardy to -20F and produces very large nuts at 10-13 nuts per pound. It can suffer bud damage during very cold winters but quickly recovers and will set nuts although delayed for a couple weeks. This tree blooms early and ripens nuts early. Sets nuts at a young age and in good years, can even have branches break under the weight of the nuts. Most nuts fall free from the bur. Not considered blight or root rot resistant. You need an early season pollenizer as this tree is pollen sterile.


Please make sure you have well drained soil and proper pH before purchasing chestnut trees. As tissue cultured chestnuts are new to the scene, we ask only experienced chestnut growers plant our trees at this time.

Z's Nutty Ridge LLC has a limited number of Colossal trees available for experienced growers to try. More information is available at our web site: https://znutty.com/ Sign up for our news letter and we will draw a winner to receive 1 Colossal trees on us. We will notify the winner at the end of October. We can only ship where quarantines do not exist in the continental United States.

Z's Nutty Ridge LLC is working to bring nut trees to all the fallow hillsides throughout the North East USA to regenerate the land in a sustainable manner with all the health benefits of nuts and environmental benefits that trees offer. Z's Nutty Ridge LLC also sells it's own selection of hybrid hazelnut strains. Chestnuts and Hazelnuts are native to the region and now have been hybridized for the nut quality you expect. Also, a portion of the proceeds go to support the American chestnut restoration at SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry.

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