Truxton Hazel Layered - 1 bare root, - Spring Ship

Truxton Hazel Layered - 1 bare root, - Spring Ship

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 This is a hybrid that owes part of its origination to a Faroka parent that was originally from Mr. Gellatly of British Columbia.  This tree is a good grower with large nuts, decent production.   This is a layered tree (clone) good for zones 6a and warmer.  Try in protected 5b.  Grow as a small tree or as a bush.  Many will produce nuts in the second year after planting with a good pollinator.

Layered trees are typically 8" to 3+ feet.

Produces large nuts that are thin shelled, perfect for your yard.  These nuts are larger than what you see in the store and tasty!

We typically ship late-April to late-May weather dependent, dormant and bare root.   We cannot ship to the west coast states, or where quarantines exist.

We will be shipping to Canada this year.