Hazelnut Cultivar and seedlings three pack Kit - 1 year old, bare root - Spring Ship

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New this year based on customer input.   We supply three trees, one cultivar of our choice based on your ship to zip code so we know what your USDA zone is and two seedlings. The cultivars will be one of either, Grand Traverse, Truxton, or Geneva.  

 Please see separate descriptions for each cultivar.

We will include a two-foot-tall hardware cloth tree tube for each tree to help protect your tree from rodent browsing, from accidental damage from pets and alert the person mowing!  You would be surprised how often a tree is mowed in a lawn.  We will include two stakes and the needed Nylon zip ties for the cage and stakes. 

Trees are typically 8" to 20" tall.  Please follow planting instructions.

We ship April to late May dormant and bare root.

We cannot ship the west coast or Canada.

Reminder a "cultivar" is a clone of the parent tree and performs just like the parent as it is the one and same genetics.  Where as "seedlings" are just like children, it inherits traits from both parents and what traits are expressed we learn as it matures.

For larger volumes and tax free orders please call the office: 607 310-1318