Geneva Hazel Cultivar - 1 year old - Bare root- Spring Ship

Geneva Hazel Cultivar - 1 year old - Bare root- Spring Ship

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These seedlings are from a breeding program from Cornell and.  A cross of C. americana ‘Rush’ x C. avellana ‘Red Lambert’ developed at the NY Agricultural Experiment Station in the early 1900s and was named NY398.  The nuts from the mother tree are round with a point at the bottom.   The nuts are well filled and the nuts fall free to enable harvesting. Nuts are 43% kernel with medium thickness shell. Nut weight ranges averages from 0.8 to 1.0 grams depending on location.

Geneva grows upright with to 10+ feet tall at maturity and about 8 feet wide in bush form at 25 years of age.  If grown as a single stem tree it will be 14 feet and similar width depending on pruning.

It has S-alleles 15 and 23 with S15 expressed in the pollen, and blooms in mid-season. Pollen compatible with Grand Traverse, NITKA and The Beast.

This tree is a very good producer in our field most years and very blight resistant (immune so far) after over 20 years.     Good for Zone 5b and warmer.  

These are layered 2021' and 2022 suckers from the mother trees.

 Cultivars are typically 10"-30" tall.

We typically ship late-April to late-May weather dependent, dormant and bare root.   We cannot ship to the west coast states or where quarantines exist.

We will be shipping to Canada this year.

Need a minimum of two trees for cross pollination. So you need a seedling tree or another named cultivar for cross pollination. Please read our blog page to learn more about seedlings and our cultivars that we sell.