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Cortland Hazel Seedling Our Best  - Bare root - Fall ship

Cortland Hazel Seedling Our Best - Bare root - Fall ship

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These seedlings are from one of our best tree selections.   The nuts from the mother tree (shown below) are round, beautiful, tasty and very thin shell that you can crack by squeezing two in your hand.  The nuts are well filled and a very short husk that allows the nuts to fall freely to enable harvesting. 

This tree is a very good producer in our field and very blight resistant (immune so far) after over 20 years.  Also a wind tolerant excellent pollen producer with a long pollen shed.   Good for Zone 4b and warmer. Try in Zone 3! 

These are started early in the spring in our greenhouse as tublings we then plant out for further growth. You will see they are taller and larger caliper than from other nurseries. It costs us more but they are worth it.

We ship Mid-Oct to Early-Nov. dormant and bare root. Seedlings are typically 10"-20" tall.

We cannot ship to Canada or the west coast states.

Need a minimum of two trees for cross pollination.