Thank you for a wonderful spring season. We plan to have more cultivars available this summer.
Chestnut seedlings   Extra Large 8' to 10+ foot tall - 24

Chestnut seedlings Extra Large 8' to 10+ foot tall - 24" burlap ball- Spring Pickup only- Hardy hybrid chestnut

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We grow seedlings - some to sell and some for us to plant.  This is a rare occurrence where we sell trees we were going to plant.  These are Chinese hybrids that need to be planted out to their forever home.  They should be good in zone 5a for sure and if you are willing to try in Zones 4b we appreciate your experiment.

We will let you know what the mother tree cultivar was when possible and of course we do not know who the pollen parent was.  

This is for pick up only.  If you order more than 10 trees we may be able to deliver locally for $1.00 per mile round trip. 
You can eat fresh or make your own gluten free deliciously sweet flour.  The nuts fall free to the ground.  All you have to do is pick them up.
Please see our web pages on chestnuts to learn more.
Dormant balled trees are 8 feet to over 10+ feet tall when dug with our 24" tree spade.  We heavily prune the tree to have the top match the balled root system. They may try to produce nuts the year after you plant them if they were well cared for the first year.
When mature at 25 years they are about 25 to 30 feet tall and 25 feet wide, with a round form as shown. Some seedlings can be much taller.
Chestnuts often start producing nuts in year 4 or 5 and your tree will leaf out in year 2! Get it off to a good start and you may see nuts the following year.

You need two trees for pollination. Cannot ship to Canada or the west coast or where chestnut gall wasps quarantines exist. We do not have chestnut gall wasps in our area but they are getting close.