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Colossal Chestnut - Clone (not a seedling or graft) bare root!

Colossal Chestnut - Clone (not a seedling or graft) bare root!

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Colossal is a hybrid of sativa X crenata.  This is the main tree currently grown for commercial production from Michigan to Maine and throughout the West Coast and it is the reference that all other trees are judged by.  It is very cold hardy to -20F and produces very large nuts at 10-13 nuts per pound.  It can suffer bud damage during very cold winters but quickly recovers and will set nuts.  This tree blooms early and ripens nuts early.  Sets nuts at a young age and can even have branches break under the weight of the nuts.  Most nuts fall free from the bur.  Not considered blight or root rot resistant.  You need an early season pollinizer as this tree is pollen sterile. Our chestnut seedlings will pollinate Colossal. 

We are proud to be the first nursery to be able to ship tissue cultured chestnut trees.  Tissue cultured chestnut trees often produce nuts the year after you plant them with good care, we recommend that you wait till year two. 

Shipped spring bare root .   Tree height is 8" to 20+" tall. 

Please make sure you have well drained soil and proper pH before purchasing chestnuts.  Tissue culture chestnuts are new and we have much to learn.  Please purchase only if you are an experienced chestnut grower and are willing to take the risk.   They are shipped  when ready. We cannot ship to Canada or the west coast states or where chestnut gall wasp quarantines exist.