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5 Pack Prodigy Hazel Seedlings - Summer ship - tublings - Be Part of Coop Breeding Initiative!

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Sorry, we won't have any Prodigy seedlings for 2022.  We will have for 2023!

We hand pollenate our best flowers with our best pollen that will hopefully produce some outstanding hazelnut prodigies for our region.   It is extra effort on our part as we bag whole branches of our best mother trees, late winter.  Then collect pollen from our best trees and store them until pollination season is over and then hand pollenate each flower.  We are selling a portion of our most precious crosses in our continuing effort to establish a hazelnut (and chestnut) industry throughout the region.  We are selling them in groups of 5 and 10 only.  You need enough trees for local comparison.   We cross only blight resistant trees that have an outstanding trait of either high production, nut quality or extreme hardiness.  In conjunction we are taking a portion of the proceeds to help fund our formation of the New York Tree Crops Alliance Cooperative (NYTCA Coop) to process and sell our nut crops.  We only ask that you allow us to take scions and or suckers from trees that you find exceptional for continual improvement of hazelnuts.  To learn more about establishing a hazelnut orchard go to this blog link and click on the presentation.

 Good for Zone 4b and warmer.   We ship Mid-July to Mid-August fully leafed out.  Potted tublings are typically 12"-20" tall. We cannot ship to Canada or any state on the west coast. Need a minimum of two seedling trees for cross pollination.