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Heartnut Hybrid Seedling -5 Pack - Potted Summer Ship

Heartnut Hybrid Seedling -5 Pack - Potted Summer Ship

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Heartnuts are the walnut for Zones 4B and warmer. They very much look like an English walnut tree but the leaves are a bit larger giving it an almost tropical look. Please see our page description for the full information. These walnuts can be used anywhere English walnuts are used.  We have been told that Heartnuts are the tree of the future! 

Hardier and less diseases than English walnuts. Consider these hybrid seedlings an experimental new crop we are hoping that you will consider growing as much as we do.  

We ship Mid to Late-July growing and fully leafed out.   The trees are 16" to over 24" inches tall.

We cannot ship to Canada or the west coast states.   Need two or any other walnut nearby to pollenate.