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English Walnut (Carpathian)(Juglans regia) Seedling 5 pack- Potted Summer Ship

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Our regionally adapted English walnut seedlings worthy of your yard or orchard.

You too can grow healthy tasty "English" walnuts.  We commonly called them "English" walnuts and they are sometimes call "Persian" walnuts. Nurseries have been selling them for all most 80 years regionally. 

In our search for regionally adapted English walnut trees we started out 25 years ago by planting over 600 trees.  After 25 years we have only six trees left from the original plantings and one we feel is worth propagating.  In parallel have been on the hunt for regionally adapted selections.  We believe we have found another tree worthy of propagating.

The mother tree is all alone in a yard on a hilly location. The mother tree is self-pollinating as no other walnut can be found within 1000 feet of it.  It produces every year and over 55 gallon barrels worth of nuts.  It has over 50% kernel with a slightly sweet, and less bitter (a.k.a. tannin)then you often find in your grocery store. It is in a very windy USDA zone 5b location similar to our nursery.  English walnuts need a soil pH of 6.5 to 7.5 and prefer deep gravel loam.  Grows upwards of 60 feet tall when mature and makes a very good shade tree.  An orchard full of the mother trees would make a very good commercial orchard and is why we are bringing it to you.  We know it is good in USDA zone 5b and if you are willing please try in 5a or 4b! 

These are seedlings we started in our greenhouse late winter and are 12 to 20” tall growing and fully leafed out. 

We ship Mid to Late-July growing and fully leafed out.   The trees are 16" to over 24" inches tall.

We cannot ship to Canada or the Westcoast states or AZ, MO, KS, IN, MI, NE, or MN"

We will be adding a new page to our web site soon on growing and care for "English" walnuts.  After 27 years we have learned a lot of information we will pass on to you very soon.