Year old bare root black walnut nut seedlings

Black Walnut seedlings - Bare root- Spring Ship

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Black walnut is prized for its beautiful strong wood.  It makes a wonderful shade tree and produces nuts for wildlife. If you are looking for a large, tall tree for shade or food for you or wildlife this can be the one for you.

The nuts have a much stronger flavor than English walnuts.  Most of us have not tasted black walnuts straight from the shell.  However, if you have tasted maple walnut ice cream you have tasted black walnuts.

Trees are 16" to 36" tall with good root structure as shown.

We ship mid-April to early June dormant and bare root.    We cannot ship to the west coast states.  We cannot ship to Canada for small orders. 

For tax exempt orders please email with the desired quantity and your ship too address.  We give discounts for quantity orders. 

You need two trees for pollination. 

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