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Finger Lakes Abundant Hazelnut Seeds - 15 pack

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Finger Lakes Abundant mother trees are the best of the best from our orchard of over 10,000 trees we have planted.  To be considered among the best the trees must have consistent year to year yields and nuts of good to superior quality.  The result is a selection of less than ten trees that get to become the mother trees.

Keep the seeds refrigerated and moist and plant out in the spring to grow your own hazelnut tree.  Great low cost way to buy trees and great for education of our next generation.  We consistently get 75% germination when stratified properly, Some seeds actually wait for another season to sprout, so plan accordingly.   Sold in packs of 20 seeds, at 75 cents each seed, for a packet at $15.00. Cannot ship to West coast or Canada. Please limit to 75 seeds or less.  For bulk orders or tax exempt please email us at dawnz@znutty.com or call 607 318 1318.

How to stratify hazelnut seeds.

Hazelnut seeds need to be stratified for over 1200 hours (at least two months)to maximize germination rates in a cool 34 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. The same temperature as your refrigerator.  The seeds have an internal clock that keeps track of time in that temperature range and will then sprout after a few weeks to two months in the warmer temperatures we have in May in the New England states.  Some hazelnut seeds will wait for two stratification periods to sprout and is probably part of the survival of the species.

The bag you receive the nuts in will work if you do the following.  Add some water and poke some very small holes so  near and at the bottom of the bag.  It is important the soil be moist, not wet or the seeds will mold.  If you can squeeze water from the soil then it maybe too wet.  Check the seeds weekly and do not let the seeds dry out or they also may not sprout.

We suggest you pot them about an inch below the soil and protect from rodents like mice, squirrels and chipmunks.  If planted directly in the soil then create a hoop of hardware cloth you can buy at any big box or farm store.  Make sure the close the ends and bury the sides into the soil making a very small tent of protection.

The seeds need direct sun and some breeze after germination to grow properly. Therefore shop lights in a room or partial sun near a window will not work.  Either condition will generate spindly weak seedlings.

With some initial care a few trees will give you a lifetime of delicious nuts to enjoy year round.