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"FingerLakes Abundant" Hazel Seedlings 10 Pack - tubling- Summer Ship!

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These seedlings are from our best trees that have proven hardy with good quality nuts.  The nuts are from mother trees with well filled nuts, with short to medium length husks that allows the nuts to fall freely to enable harvesting.  Some trees are over twenty five years old without any signs of blight and we do not spray any fungicides or pesticides.

These seedling trees are typically  10 to 12 feet  and about 8 feet wide when mature as bushes.  The branches remain flexible for easy hand harvesting.

Good for Zone 4b and warmer. 

These are started late winter in our greenhouse as tublings. We grow in small but tall pots to form a good root system.  We ship them live and growing.

Please read our blog page to learn more about seedlings and our cultivars that we sell.

We ship Mid to late July.    Seedlings are typically 12"-24" tall. We cannot ship to Canada or the west coast states.

Need a minimum of two trees for cross pollination.