Chestnut Missouri HARC LWS seedlings - 25 Pack - Bare Root- Spring Ship

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Missouri HARC chestnut grove is considered one of the best sources of hybrid chestnuts, as their grove of chestnuts contains some of the best chestnuts cultivars grafted orchard at the University of Missouri (MU) Horticulture &Agroforestry Research Center (HARC).

We have seedling trees from three of the best mother trees.  We have seedlings of Luvalls Monster, Willamette and Sleeping Giant. We have the seedlings separated in out orchard and will try to ship you your requested tree or our choice if you do not select.

Trees are 12" to over 20" tall and can be 36" tall when shipped. 
When mature at 25 years they generally are about 25 to 35 feet tall and 25 feet wide, with a round form as shown. Some seedlings can be much taller.
Chestnuts often start producing nuts in year 4 or 5.

Trees were started in March in our greenhouse and then planted in the field for further growth. 
You can eat fresh or make your own gluten free deliciously sweet flour.  The nuts fall free to the ground.  All you have to do is pick them up.
Please see our web pages on chestnuts to learn more or buy our book here.

We typically ship late-April to late-May weather dependent, dormant and bare root.   Seedlings are typically 15"-36" tall. We cannot ship to the west coast states.

We will be shipping to Canada this year.

For larger volumes and tax-exempt orders please email or call the office: 607 310-1318.

You need two trees for pollination. Cannot ship to Canada or the west coast or where chestnut gall wasps quarantines exist. We do not have chestnut gall wasps in our area but they are getting close.